Meet Andrea

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Andrea Kukulka, Healing Medium
An ordinary woman with an extraordinary gift

Allow me to share a little bit of my story with you…
I began my metaphysical journey as a child. Then, 25 years ago things began to change. It all started in my dreams. They were bright and they were clear, and they were, vividly, coming true. Something was going on, and I was still in denial about my gift. When I could no longer ignore them, I sought a teacher. One teacher became many teachers. In the mid 90’s, I also studied and became a Reiki Master, along with other healing modalities. To experience the healing energy both in the giving and in the receiving is a most calming and enlightening experience.

Every step of my journey has helped me to find my voice, and now I give a voice to those who have passed on. I am a perennial student, always looking for the next lesson. This student has now become a teacher, and I am so happy and so pleased to pass on what I’ve learned and to watch the next student make it their own.

My hope is to share my gifts with you to bring you healing and peace physically, emotionally and spiritually.

My belief is that every one is intuitive. Everyone has the ability to ‘trust your gut’. Our bodies will always tell us what direction to go in, when the answer is yes, and when the answer is no. If we could all just listen to what is in the quiet, we would all be able to lead a calmer and happier life.

I now have a store-front on N Main Street in Mansfield MA, where I do many things in the way of metaphysics. From readings to healing to creating spiritual jewelry and teaching too.
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I look forward to meeting you all!

With Great Gratitude,
I wish you Light